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Nairobi - Lavington
Nairobi - Lavington
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Michael Kip: Nairobi - Dagoreti
The title says it all. This past Valentine's 14/02/2017 a lovely girl accepted my invitation to dinner. During the hustle and bustle of my busy work day I forgot to make a reservation for 2 for dinner that night. After work as I contemplated where to go a friend of mine suggested Mambo Italia at Lavington Curve. I'd seen the restaurant everyday as I travelled to an from work. Even from the outside you could tell the ambiance was amazing. I took up my friend's suggestion and took my date to the restaurant. Being a Valentine's the room was packet like a packet of groundnuts. The maître d'hôtel welcome us in with a warm smile to match the warm setting. She asked if I had made a reservation and the look on my face gave her the answer. She gave a wry smile and asked if we minded sitting by the bar as she looked for a table. Over a cold beer served on cold frosted glasses my date and I chatted about our day as waiters walked past taking orders and setting down the customers food. After a couple of minutes a couple left their table looking satisfied and ready for the next agenda of their evening an a table was now ready for us. The menu presented to us had more options than Somalia's presidential aspirants. Looking through my mouth watered like the waters of Zambezi river. My date and I decided to order different pizzas. I went for the most carnivorest option, beef, bacon and ham. My date went for the seafood option which had delicately fried shrimp. Boy was it a meal and a half. When the Cherie arrived after the meal I asked my date to take a look. I would tell by the look on her face how much damage my wallet was in for. To my amazement it wasn't that bad. There would be no chongaing viazi tonight. We left a happy twosome happy that we had tried something new and with the promise that we had to go back for a follow through meal soon.
Last Visit: 14-02-2017
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Evan Omondi: Nairobi - Kilimani
Great restaurant, great ambiance and the best PIZZA I have had so far in Nairobi.
Last Visit: 16-01-2016
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Carole Kamau: Nairobi - Karen
The place is very warm and has a very inviting appeal. I love the wooden theme on the tables and chairs. The service is out of this world. the waiters are very fast and very welcoming and their pizza is just awesome. Its one of those restaurants i would definitely go back to. I would reccommend Mambo Italia to any one in search of a good restaurant.
Last Visit: 23-11-2015
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