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Nairobi - CBD
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Co-operative Bank

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Margaret Akinyi: Nairobi - N/A
I love co-op bank. At times they may fail you but at least they are quick to correct their errors. Your accounts esp YEA for a poor banker as me its helping. You the best. keep up.
Last Visit: 31-05-2016
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Newell Kirumbi: Nairobi - Karen
I was very pleased with Co-op Bank, I authorised them to activate my Visa for online transaction and after filling the form it took less than 2hrs and my card was ready for any online transaction, kudos. I love the system they have introduces, you don't have to line up waiting for a service, you sit down and the fiscal you are given at the entrance gives you an estimation of how long you will wait before you are attended to.
Last Visit: 12-11-2015
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Ruth Foulser: Nairobi - Mombasa Road
My Bank for the past one year has been Co-operative Bank of Kenya. Opening account is immediate. You just walk in and as you leave you have your account number ready for use. Their operating hours are just the best. How many banks can you say open until 6pm? My bank is literally located behind my house which makes banking so easy for me. The only thing id ask is if they could open on Sundays (ha ha) They have their co-op mtaani agents which operate just like MPESA agents open monday to sunday some till late hours. Speaking of MPESA, the M-COOP CASH service is the most efficient. When i get my salary deposited to my account, i dont have to leave my office to pay my sons fees, all i have to do is do a bank transfer using my phone to the schools bank account. I can buy airtime straight from my bank account and also send MPESA to my mum straight from my bank account. Also when i have money to save, all i have to do is deposit it in my MPESA and send it to my account using their paybill number. Another service that has benefitted me is their standing order services. I use standing orders to pay my monthly installment for medical insurance to AAR. All i had to do is fill a form and automatically every month my insurance is paid without me having to do anything. I recently went to the Bellevue branch and the teller at the desk was super friendly even if i rushed in at 6pm when they were just closing to do about 5 transactions. One last thing is they have moneygram services so when i need to receive money from my dad abroad, im sorted. Maybe they should considering opening a branch at Sameer Business Park because it would be so convinient for me as my offices are there. Other than that, i dont think i'll be moving from Co-op any time soon. Cheers!!!
Last Visit: 04-11-2015
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victor nyerere: Nairobi - Westlands
I was amazed by how fast it took me to pay my Rent via Coop bank. You just put the Cash in an envelope, and drop it, then the bank sends you a confirmation of the deposit shortly.....This will save the depositors time and money!Kudos coop bank
Last Visit: 30-10-2015
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Peter C.W.: Nairobi - Thika Road
Best ATM rates and variety services in almost every location.
Last Visit: 13-10-2015
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