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Likizo Lettings Limited

About the Company

Our primary aim is to make every vacation rentals reachable to all and sundry from all parts of the world. It is for this reason that Likizo’s business footprint and service stretches across the whole world. Our business philosophy is anchored around the principle that every square inch of space matters. Are you planning a trip out of town or abroad for a period of time? Do you know your home can cover all your travel expenses? Simply by listing your home and get paid for that period of time you will be away. Also, that extra room for your children that is always vacant while they are away at school can really pay their school fees and other bills. Clients doing business with this fast rising business entity can be assured that quality service comes before revenue. The commission rate is the lowest in the rental industry charging only a commission rate of 7.5% and 10% of total booking rent for corporate and individual hosts respectively. With Likizo Lettings, international travelers have finally a reliable and efficient partner.

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joshua mulama: Nakuru - Langa Langa
WAIT a while before looking elsewhere,try Likizo letting. They just did a total platform change to your rental needs and their system is reliable to your comfort. Almost everyone is getting his vacation and rental catered for. Likizo Lettings is the company to seek all your rental matters.....I recommend your service.
Last Visit: 19-10-2015
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Jake Jaker: Nairobi - Karen
Great offers. I will definitely recommend Likizo Lettings for your vacation rental needs.
Thanks Jake. Great clients like you bring out the best in us.
Last Visit: 02-10-2015
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