Nairobi National park
Nairobi - Lavington
Nairobi - Lavington
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Nairobi National park


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J Mwash: Nairobi - Westlands
With over 300 species of birds, this is the birds paradise y'all, the nature trails and the canopy is so cool and calm you even want to stay here and leave the bustle and hustle of the city. Nairobi National Park is the place to be with your family and unwind for short gateways. #TembeaKenya
Last Visit: 21-02-2016
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raj shukla: Nairobi - Ngara
What a fabulous time we had in this beautiful natural wild place!!
Last Visit: 24-04-2016
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Zahra maimuna: Nairobi - Buruburu
The park may be as old as i am or more than that but it surely is a site to see.The serenity n beautiful wildlife can take yo mind to places you will hardly notice time fly
Last Visit: 29-10-2015
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Natasha Mumbi: Nairobi - Karen
It is a two hours walk, very peaceful but i am bitter i dint see the lions! Hope Next time i will see one. Note: Make sure you go with your partner.
Last Visit: 05-04-2015
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Brenda Mongina: Nairobi - CBD
Last Visit: 30-10-2015
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