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J Mwash: Nairobi - Westlands
I could not realize I can shop more for less cash until I went to Nakumatt TRM branch. I bought many stuff and they were genuine with KEBs trademarks and stamps. I love shopping at Nakumatt outlets.
Last Visit: 30-07-2016
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Emily Kereda : Mombasa - Nyali
I was heading back to Mombasa so decided to drop by Nakumatt lifestyle to buy some diapers and snacks for my baby.Was paying using my nakumatt global card which seemed to be having a problem. The attendant offered me a seat cause I had a baby as he sorted out my card issue. I was greatful because they cared about the well-being of mothers
Last Visit: 09-07-2016
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raj shukla: Nairobi - Ngara
What a great place it is in town providing services for most of your needs with reasonable prices.
Last Visit: 08-01-2016
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Milka Kamande: Nairobi - Westlands
Shopping at Nakumatt lifestyle is as interesting as taking a walk in the park. Apart from having a well arranged shelves and polite attendants they sell high quality goods. Whenever I am buying milk I never check the expiry date because I am 100% sure that their goods are certified.Nakumatt lifestyle is my home away from home
Last Visit: 30-05-2016
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Dennis Magoma: Nairobi - Thika Road
I needed to replace my old Nakumatt card to get the new Nakumatt Global master card Powered by Diamond Trust Bank. I was appreciate the process . It's done instantly and I was able to start using my card immediately with the shopping I did on the same day. I can easily load the card with cash and swap it anywhere while doing my shopping or paying for services. With the card , I don't need to carry cash while going for shopping. The card is very secure and one doesn't need to have a bank account with Diamond Trust Bank. This is a very nice product. As they say 'You Need It, We've Got It" Thanks Nakumatt and keep innovating to serve us even better.
Last Visit: 04-02-2016
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