Panari Ice Skating Rink
Nairobi - Mombasa Road
Nairobi - Mombasa Road
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Panari Ice Skating Rink


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On the second floor of Nairobi’s Panari Hotel only a few kilometers from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Mombasa Road, Panari Ice Skating Rink is 1 of 2 equatorial African ice rinks. The rink measures 32 × 12 metres and has an ice skating surface area of 15,000 square feet with capacity to accommodate up to 200 skaters at a given time. At 12°C and an ice temperature of -25°C, the arena is the coldest public space in Nairobi. Admission is Ksh800 for adults (15 years and above) or Ksh600 for children for a one hour session. The ice arena is open all week and you can check in between 11am and 10pm. Charges are inclusive of skates though one is required to carry his own warm clothing and other protective gear including gloves and helmets if needed.

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Eva Malith: Mombasa - Mombasa CBD
I like outdoor activities and well it wasn't much of an outdoor thing but the skating was fun . The downside is the blades were not sharp and the skating time was short, or was I having too much fun? I'd come back more frequently.
Last Visit: 16-06-2016
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