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Nairobi - Westlands
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Sarit Centre


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Kelly Vincent: Naivasha - Naivasha
You will find everything you need here; banks, posts, photography, bike repairs and sales, art gallery, bookshops, supermarket, cobbler and everything else you need plus a food court and coffee houses. Parking is paid for but it still is hard to get a parking. Just keep your 50 shillings to pay as that is the most I seem to pay after two hours.
Last Visit: 05-06-2016
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Lilian Abilla: Nairobi - Karen
I remember the years when my dad was still alive, every end month he would come home after 8 and tell us to prepare that we were going shopping. on one occasion after he had retired, we went as per kawa then kumbe his account had not been loaded with enough cash so all the purchases we had done were put on hold. it was so embarrassing considering that we had done some huge purchases but his master card came in handy and saved the night. Whenever i visit Sarit Center, i always remember him. it has really been refurbished over the years and it looks great.
Last Visit: 12-06-2016
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His-Loyalty Gichuki: Nairobi - Karen
This is really a city within a city.Security wise is of high standard.I enjoy services offered in this mall.You get everything stress free.Uchumi supermarket,Airtel Kenya,Safaricom,Postal Kenya,Telkom and many other companies have based their branches there.Finding them is as easy as sending an SMS.
Last Visit: 12-12-2015
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Charles Muriuki: Nairobi - N/A
Most people in nairobi are not born here neither am I. I remember this my first day in nairobi i decided to take a tour around the big city under the sun as its known. My first stop was the famous sarit center, i only heard about it from others so i decided to see it and have an experience. Once there i didn't know which gate to use and which not to use. I was lost and confused. I had no choice but to ask for help from the security guards. They were very polite and helpful. I got in took a few rounds and was lost again. I look for anyone who looked like a sarit dweller and that's how i survived my day in the place till o got enough of it. When time to leave came i found myself in other exit writen VIP. considering who i was i had to enquire again from the security guards like am i on the right or lost again. It was an experience. The place is cool, whether you are new there all not, you get the best service any human under the sun needs, Its a cool place to be.
Last Visit: 22-05-2010
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