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The Junction Mall


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ngina okeyo: Nairobi - N/A
My favorite shopping mall. Well spaced, cosmopolitan crowd and just about everything under its mega roof!!
Last Visit: 11-06-2016
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Janice Jerotich: Nairobi - Juja
Cool hangout joint.. ask me about the chicken in the KFC stores and ill always tell of the sweetness. They have amazing cooking tastes.
Last Visit: 23-06-2016
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Kelly Vincent: Naivasha - Naivasha
As malls are not the done thing in my home country, it was a bit of a culture shock to find them prominently located in most NBO suburbs. Junction has some great places to eat (particularly the art cafe, and its associated bakery stall next to Nakumart). The fresh fruits and vegetables store facing the car park is well priced, fresh, and has low cost flowers, juice, and yoghurt. The cinema has all the regular offerings and makes for a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. There is plenty of parking.
Last Visit: 12-06-2016
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Lilian Abilla: Nairobi - Karen
Being close to my hood, i get all the services i need here.
Last Visit: 17-05-2016
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Aida Kamanyire: Nairobi - CBD
Great location,great shops in the mall,great hangout area and great restaurants all under one roof.
Last Visit: 07-11-2015
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