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National Bank of Kenya

Nairobi - CBD

Average 4.5 from 6 Reviews
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Herisquare Lounge

Best Meals

ordered kuku chips the food was daamn delicious with colourful slices.mmmh..the place is daamn clean..the attendants are very friendly..no delays for food..it was really delicious jameni kipendacho kinafaa kupewa compliments..hey..thanks alot n may u improve improve

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Tuskys mall


woow!..i ate meat delux pizza costing ksh950..i had to go back with my friends the second time to enjoy the exprerience..the best pizza ever plus cool and fresh fruit juices..thats my base..i dwell there every weekeend and tuesdays when am in nairobi..welcome all to this nice and stunning place

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Bamburi Beach Resort


heyy...which words should i use to describe this for reeaaalll....the environment is daaamn cool as u enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean on the other side..very clean n very nice indeed...it caters for both middle class n high class..fr real i love the place..mwaah!

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Karura Forest


ooh yeah.i could not forget about thiss..the fantacies there and the fan we had with my friends are daamn memorable..i just wanna say this place can relieve you from stress..its a best place to go have fun or to chill with your boyfriend..i love the green environment..thumbs up

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Tuskys mall


i stil just have to add another complement for this mall ..Aki for sure i cant compare there pizza with any..infact i only eat pizza there coz wen i try to taste others i dont feel it the way i feel good after eating tuskys mall pizza..big up guyz...uaz is the real pizza ever have ever tasted in my life

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Kenya Commercial Bank


customers dont get tired standing on the queue..there are seats..also installation of fun for airation..it has got the best interest so far..karibuni NYOTE KCB..It gives offers to its pottential customers

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National Bank of Kenya

Quality services

I love Natonal Bank..Its very efficient and they serve customers as fast as possible..hence minimizing time wastage due to alot of people to be served..i love national bank..for faster operations i wld advice one to go there..

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original clothes of fashion and desigh ..and are of high quality..love u guys

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Hadassah Hotel

sweet food

how can i forget this surely..u wanna enjoy traditional food..here is the place..

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Dapco Pharmaceuticals

best drugs

u wanna original drugs @best cheap wholesale price..this is the place..karibuni jameni..karibuni dapco

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Nairobi Heart Clinic


u get treated here aki for real u wont suffer from the same disease..they give full attention to patients..thumbs up for the care to patients

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Bomas of Kenya


even though the world is changing bomas is stil there to remaind us of our culture social and traditional lives..

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Trojan Health and Fitness

body fitness

u wanna lose weight or keep fit?oooh yeah come to this place theres everything and the trainees are very friendly.after two weeks great changes gonna occur in ua body..karibuni

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You can take a drink with no distraction..the music is cool..everything is organised..its spacious...Beautiful place to be.

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A Million Hair Styles Salon

best services

hair is plaitedvwith no doubts.u dont have to look @uaself if ur smart in the mirror..the best manicures and pedicures are done here..wauu..got to love this place

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British-America Insurance Company

Best of the Best

am not saying that others are not good..nooo..get me right..according to me this is the best insurance company in kenya so far..

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Strathmore University

Best private university

quality education..high security..job opportunities are offered..conducive environment for learning..u wanna try a private university..kindly the future is here

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Ubora Place

best meals

6 course diet..sleeping place is very clean and attractive..gotta swimming pool outside for visitors..woow!i love the place

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Ocean Sport Resort

very conducive

all fun is found here.no stress.u feel stressed..heheheee...come to this place all your solutions will be solved.amen

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Branding Concepts

Best marketer...♥♥♥

they really know how to market..u wanna sell ua stuffs to high profit..kindly come here for branding..n marketting.u gonna make millions of shillings

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Dass Ethiopian Restaurant

best meals

most delicious foods plus they have really sweet spices..i enjoy most ethiopian and eritrian traditional food like the habasha and injera..am even salivating..

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Thika road Mall

conducive for shopping..

everything u deserve is here..free wifi, free parking space..nice pizza inn..swimming pool..plus best refreshments..wooow

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Maasai Market


just wanna say that maasai market is the best especially maasai traditional stuffs that attracts even tourist at affordable prices..keep it up guys

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Delux Jewellers


am in love with their jewellery since u can get of any type u want..very reliable and available

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Standard Chartered Bank


ooh yeah..i love the way these people manage everything plus their customers..its just awesome..

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Bike Treks


this service is good enough..helping people to lose weight.as riding enables one lose fats n have reduced celulite..good job ...(claps)

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Jambo Jet Kenya


u have made the distance btween nairobi and mombasa shorter at very affordable prices in that students also can enjoy the trip..this is good since some people like us who may be could not get their luck into an aeroplane atleast have the opportunity..woow

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unlimitted high speed wifi..nutritious breakfast..centrally located..welcome guys

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fashion and desigh

clothes of all kinds are of current fashion and desigh which are on high demand on market..ooh yeah..mimi shop gives u everything of different texture and quality.karibu kina dada

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National Bank of Kenya


they offer home loans mortgages saving accounts corporate banking business finance investment and insurance what are you waiting for ?come here this is the Bank..love NBK

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National Bank of Kenya


the best in banking..financing services faster..biggest in east africa..connected to CBK.lots of automated machines for faster withdrawals of money..love you

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