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Chicken Inn Union Towers

Convenient location if you want affordable fast fo

Its location smack in the middle of town along Moi Avenue ,near Hilton Hotel is simply perfect. Convenient location if you want affordable fast food on the go. My favorite meal : the chicken piece – 100/- with coleslaw – 100/-. Or the spicy version of the same. So cheap and SOOO good !

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Nerkwo Bar & Restaurant

Nerkwo boasts of being the perfect local in South

It’s some local joint in South B that serves beers and meat. It had to make it in my list because it was here that I finally learnt how to play pool! (Although I still hold the stick with my pinkies up like a little girl. ) Pretty martyrs crowd and perfect for a Sunday afternoon hang out. After church of course. My Favorite Meal has to be the Dry Fry , kachumbari and Ugali. Aiyayaiyai!! Nyama Choma fans who have not been here should be on their way right now. They put this nice thick stew made of onions,tomatoes and green peppers. My lord! Just the thought of it makes my mouth watery

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Mezze On The Deck

If you're looking for a fine dining lounge, this i

This is a fine dining lounge on the Rooftop of Best Western Premier along Argwings Kodhek Road in Hurlingarm. Enjoy a swim on the rooftop pool as you sip on their awesome selection of red wine. It is crowned with a stunning view of Nairobi especially at sunset that just makes everything you eat or drink taste like it was made in heaven. My Favorite Meal is The Grilled Lamp Chops served with potato wedges – 1900/- and on Thursdays you get 20% off. The waiter said the sauce was a secret but that was the most delicious lamp I ever had. That sheep did not lose it’s baby for no reason.

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Mediterraneo Restaurant

Authentic Italian meals and toppings.

Cutest little Italian restaurant in Parklands. It is in the Nine West building at the junction of the road going to Lower Kabete and Ring Road. Almost opposite The Sarit Centre. The green seats were a bit off for my taste but I loved the decor at the main dining area. Too cute. My Favorite Meal : The pizza and lasagnas. Yum yum yum!!! Yum for days. The pizza is around 1300/- and the lasagnas are around 1000/- served with French Fries. (Haha just realised that all my favorite meals are all served with fries. Njoki Chege will kill me.) Anyway, I loved the authentic Italian meals and toppings. You can almost taste the accent. Bella!

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Caramel Restaurant & Lounge

Caramel Restaurant and Lounge Nairobi is simply am

This place is fairly new. Located at the ABC Place along Waiyaki Way in Westlands. I adore the 50 shades of brown decor they have going on, the lighting and the presentation of the food. The type of place that draws a line across the plate with sauce and you just change your accent. Always looking so fancy schmancy. My Favorite Meal: CHICKEN LOLLIPOPS !! You can already tell from the the caps that I enjoyed these little drumsticks. So glossy and tasty and many and delicious and EXPENSIVE but totally worth it. It’s good to indulge sometimes when you can. Ball out on a meal that makes your tummy feel special. Haha.

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Urban Eatery

All the food is presented so beautifully with a lo

Urban Eatery is located in Westlands at Delta Towers off Waiyaki way. This would have been number one on my list but I have only been there once so it’s not enough information to make a conclusion. Despite having been there once, I loved everything about the place. Conveniently located next to the road so that even hustlers , like Ruto and I, can access it by matatu. All the food is presented so beautifully with a lot color and design. I managed to sneak looks at different tables and I must say, they nailed it with every one. My Favorite Meal : The seafood plata. Made up of an array of seafood dishes like the Carlifornia Roll and I don’t remember the names of the rest. I was too busy drooling. A friend of mine kept insisting that I try this and true to her praise.. I really liked it. Generally, I am not a big fan of seafood but they managed to make semi-raw food taste as good as the deep fried dishes I would normally order . I also recommend their cocktails. I had a virgin Cosmo and almost licked the bottom of the glass ! Whoever mixes them should receive a Nobel.

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Tichinos Restaurant

Great food at great prices, one of the well kept s

This small restaurant is located along Standard St next to the 680 Hotel in the CBD. It is rarely ever full or noisy despite the fact that it’s in Town, the waiters are really friendly and they serve a lot of food at comparatively low prices. I love LOVE this place. My Favorite Meal : Not really a meal; Mexican Chicken wraps served with (let’s say it together) French fries. Haha. I will stop . Soon. I promise. Only a Luhya can finish this plate. A plate of four wraps and fries is 600/- so you can stop by for a random date without injuring your pocket. Also try… Ummm…. I cannot remember the exact name but the chicken that has cucumber sauce written on the menu

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Café Deli

There are no favorites at Cafe Deli. Great food al

There are a few in the Nairobi CBD but I like the one at Tumaini House behind Kencom best. I might have been to plenty of fine dining restaurants in and around Nairobi but NONE of them come close to the quality of food served at Café Deli. It might be full on most weekday evenings but that just makes me want to get a spot even more. Like that emotionally unavailable bad girl/boy we have crushed on at some point. The number of times I have been to this restaurant is borderline embarrassing. Shame? Absolutely none. Haha My Favorite Meal : EVERYTHING! Umm..seriously everything. But gun to my head and I couldn’t fight the one pointing it, I would probably pick the pork spare ribs served with rice or the pork chops with fried rice or the chicken curry with mashed potatoes or.. Oh my days! This is hard!! I cannot choose a favorite. If you go there, just close your eyes or toss a coin and eat whatever it lands on. Most plates are around 800/- so if you want delicious and even better prices, stop by. And if you see me wolfing through a plate, DO NOT say hey. Haha. Just kidding. (No I am not)

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