Janice Jerotich

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Maasai Leather Collections


Awesome and pocket friendly maasai sandals and other accessories

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Equity Bank-Kisumu Branch

Bank Services

Awesome customer services and equity among all customers

Review Equity Bank-Kisumu Branch

Kenya Commercial Bank


Services are always on point! I am loyal because I can always Yululate about the bank!!

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Ridge Pharmacy


You will always find most of the drugs you want in store and at cost friendly amount compared to other pharmacies

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Cake Villa


Variety of cakes sold to suit all occasions. Just the other month, we ordered a cake for my nephew and we got the perfect one to suit the ceremony!

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Cherry Cakes Kenya

Cake Designs

I recently ordered a wedding cake for my sister for her wedding. We got the perfect cake design made for her. They always have the best designs in town!!!

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Cake Festival


The years cake fest went down so nicely and the environs were very cool :) Every bit was very interesting.

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Equity Bank-Tom Mboya Street Branch


Services ain't to satisfaction, customer service was not that welcoming with huge queues. I wish the number of tellers would be increased as only two tellers were serving many customers in the bank

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Ideal Ceramics


The way they handle their clients. all their tasks are in an organized manner, i loved the experience felt there, the average price on all their stuff and guess what, the ongoing sales, are favorable for any mwananchi. Ideal ceramics you win this. Ideal Ceramics, Westlands

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Krumble Bakery


They always have the best cakes in store. Loved their taste, it showed the nice bakers and hands of work they always have!

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Kenya Commercial Bank


Despite opening a little bit late, the branch Opens till late making easy access for the busy heads.

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Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital


Lots of favoritism in the huge queues and one can easily get more sick while waiting.

Review Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Mariakani Cottage Hospital


Though not all the drugs are valid, their services are average and the nurses are willing to serve.

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Brymars Beauty Salon


Just did my hair last weekend. The salonist are welcoming and they do your hair so nicely. This is the place to be in.

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Jacaranda Gym & Spa


My sister likes this place. They always got what she wants. Nice place to be in. Services at point

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Thika road Mall


Place to be in. All needed services available at the mall.

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The Junction Mall


Cool hangout joint.. ask me about the chicken in the KFC stores and ill always tell of the sweetness. They have amazing cooking tastes.

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Galitos TRM


Yummy pizzas!!!! I have never had yummy pizzas!!! Galitos has got taste and the best makers of Pizza. They are simply amazing!!!

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