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National Bank of Kenya

They've grown to be Top banking leaders

I initially joined this bank while schooling and left for 3 years only to find out they have grown in terms of ICT and internet integration. Well done!!!!

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Rekero Camp Asilia Africa

“Fantastic camp in a beautiful setting” = Just Epi

The campsite boasts modern facilities and has a rustic feel. The setting along the river is lovely. At night you can hear the hippos call to each other! The tents are clean and comfortable. The service is excellent and we enjoyed all meals. I recommend Rekero to anyone who wants a comfortable tent experience in the Mara.

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Rhino River Camp

Beautiful luxury camp in Meru N. Park

I am most grateful to have been to this place and I loved everything about Rhino River Camp. This is by far the best luxury tented camp I have ever experienced with amazing hospitality, very friendly staff and the food is just amazing with great taste and presentation (Excellent Cuisine). The wake up by the baby bush calls easily tell you are in a serene, beautiful and wild environment with natural taste. My tent was ever clean, well appointed bedroom by the river and most important had privacy. The game drive was something else, We managed to see all the wild except for the big cats but manage to track them with no success, We also loved the bird paradise with over 360 bird species, this is most for bird watchers, thanks to guide who was very experienced *Rashid*. Truly Meru National Park is an awesome park to be. Forget the Maldives, or the Ocean, this is the Best Luxury Camp in the drift.... Iko Ngangari Kinoma.

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Bonfire Adventures and Events Ltd

Bonfire gotcha if you a Holiday maker...

Bonfire gotcha if you a Holiday maker....by just a click away, these guys are the best players in today's Kenya and International tourism products. They have best tourism deals and best prices guaranteed, highly recommend them for high quality and affordable holiday deals. Go Go Bonfire Adventures

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Uber ... Uber This App is amazing, my cab is a click away. When I need to run errands, I simply use Uber taxi services which are easy and convenient to use. They are also leading taxi service globally and in Nairobi,Kenya. Good stuff.

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Resolution Insurance Company Ltd

Resolution Insurance Co. Ltd way to Go.

Speak of their services, they are well coordinated and they are always customer oriented. I got assisted with my Member Card Rectification in days and I have not regret their services so far. Good job.

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Guru Nanak Hospital

Best Hospital I Know with Affordability.

I went here for my eye check up and dental care, I got the best service in terms of customer satisfaction and My teeth now are fixed and a new pair of glasses. Thanks Guru Nanak for fixing me, continue changing lives.

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GOTV Kenya

Go go Bamba them, Good Tv Subscription Services

I enjoyed their services till I discovered a Smart Tv does not require a decorder. Anyway I enjoyed their Movie channel since it was unlimited with fresh content and recent movies. Go go Bamba them, Good Tv Subscription services

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Safaricom Limited

Always the Better Option

I love everything about Safaricom services except instances I feel they extorting money from me like; unreasonable airtime and data bundles disappearing out of the blue. Bur since they are the market leaders, I appreciate being in their movement and changing Lives.

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Stunning Dresses

The place is like a paradise, I took my mum for a dress to attend a wedding and when she came out of the fitting closet, she was like a new being, very beautiful and curvy. Thank you for putting a smile to my mum's face.

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Crystal Bay Resort


Cystal Bay Resort and sister Bravo Seven Island Resort is the place you wanna visit before your death y'all. The resort is one of a kind with the beautiful scenery from the Sea- Sandy beaches, Sun, epic topography, the resort amenities & Facilities, the awesome Staff, the FOOD OMG!!!, Weather and lastly the Fun. This is the most beautiful place i have been in Kenya,so fulfilling i could go there weekly just to get the same experience. Bravo team 7 Island you on TOP. Highly recommended.

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Lota Motors

Best Dealers

Awesome customer service with follow up servises, not only do you get a car but offer you a life tie experience when you buy from Lota Motors.

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Autofine Limited

Good Service

Their service delivery is okay but would not mind best customer service.

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Berea Production

Epic Shots

I just loved the articulate photography skillets by this professionals. Awesome shots

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Brighter Monday

Best Service with Zeal to Gain a Job for You

I had no idea I could be recruited by any firm online, until I met this guys. I looked up my job posted waiting for me to apply on their website, I got contacted and interviewed and got the job. This was done as I waited to be hired, awesome customer service.... Brighten my days not only Mondays... Kudos BM

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Karen Blixen Museum

Best place for Nature Trails

Karen Blixen Museum best for Nature Trails and Game-watchers paradise with birds.

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Enashipai Resort & Spa

“A slice of Paradise-Great hideaway Folks”

Spacious and Beautifully decorated great rooms with all the comforts of a five star establishment, the food very good, and the grounds are excellent for long, relaxing strolls.. Great food and superb customer services. Absolutely amazing spa. “Visit to Enashipai Resort & Spa”

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Debonairs Pizza

OOoooh Boy...They Sweet Pizza

Fast delivery, Hot pizza came sizzling from the furnace. I ate like a Mummy from Egypt looking for a Winter-fell ground. I am trying to say, the pizza was hot and swweeeettt.....

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Bonfire Adventures and Events Ltd

Wow & Super Tour Guiding

Amazing and unforgettable experiences...Bon voyage avec Bonfire Adventure. Amazing packages as always.

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Thika road Mall

Fun, Fun, Fun

Amazing location, ample parking, various shop outlets... ONE STOP SHOP. My family and kids had fun here and enjoyed the place.

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Mara Siria Camp

Unbeatable Experience

This is one establishment in the Mara where you enjoy the Kenyan hospitality, game and the community culture is out of this world. I visited last year and this year during Wildebeest migration and it's just epic. Highly recommended Asilia Properties.

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DusitD2 Nairobi


Awesome location, Fantastic in-room facilities and amenities, lovely staff and affordable to business class. The car for airport transfer is a Porche my friend, what else would you want. The restaurant has amazing international cuisine. DusitD2 Nairobi - chic boutique hotel.

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Best Available Rates''Convenient''

Imagine I was stranded at the airport the other day, downloaded the App, instantly ordered a cab and imagine what next, I expected to pay like 3G's or something close to that. To my suprise I got a code for first timers applied it and Voila, I got a 50% waived from my ride. I paid less than I could ever imagine. Go UberX... best taxi app

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Fogo Gaucho

Ooooh Boy, Tantalizing dishes

I went for a launch here for an online company in Kenya, the service is awesome, friendly staff with amazing African and international dishes. Try them out.... Awesome environment too.

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Nakumatt Lifestyle

Outstanding Customer Service

I could not realize I can shop more for less cash until I went to Nakumatt TRM branch. I bought many stuff and they were genuine with KEBs trademarks and stamps. I love shopping at Nakumatt outlets.

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Nairobi National park

Epic Game

With over 300 species of birds, this is the birds paradise y'all, the nature trails and the canopy is so cool and calm you even want to stay here and leave the bustle and hustle of the city. Nairobi National Park is the place to be with your family and unwind for short gateways. #TembeaKenya

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Paintball Fury


The mad fury is epic. Real fun guys you should try it

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Gasaro Hotel

Gasaro Hote A Gem in Mtwapa

Gasaro Hotel, Mtwapa I slept at the Twin Room going for USD 132 HB, the room and service was awesome. I enjoyed the clean pool and great piece of hospitality.

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Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Demn the Strikes

I was ill one day and it got to a point I had to go to hospital but upon reaching there, the doctors,nurses,trainees all were on trike. I felt bad but had no option but to seek other means. Bad day to be sick.

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