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Cake City-Soin Arcade Branch

Cakes and Services

Cake city has one of the most delicious cakes in town and very comfortable and convenient services.

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Pizza Inn


The pizzas are super delicious and offers are very attractive

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Naked Pizza


The mouth watering pizzas are awesome!!

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Diamond Plaza


The availability of the services we need, for example, electronics, supermarkets, food courts and ambient parking, makes it a nice weekend destination

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Taxi Services

Uber is the modern technological app that gets me a taxi anywhere, anytime for a reasonable price packed with awesome service and cars :)

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Cake Ville Ltd


Amazing, mouth watering cakes is what I enjoyed in cake ville :)

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Nakumatt Lifestyle


What a great place it is in town providing services for most of your needs with reasonable prices.

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Garden City Mall


Garden city is an amazing mall with everything in place-from ample parking to the great shopping, eating, entertaining services.

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Thika road Mall

Mall and Services

TRM is a great place which is not far to reach out and provides great services for all our needs

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Chowpaty Restaurant


I just love the quality of food it provides. The mouth-watering dishes are just too yummy to stop eating!!

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Caramel Restaurant & Lounge

Food and Service

The food is super delicious and I just love the great quality of service provided by them :)

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Bakers Inn

Lovely Buns and Cakes

i just lovee the amazing cakes and the soft buns they provide.

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Cold Stone Creamery


Just love the services and the drinks too much!!

Review Cold Stone Creamery

Paintball Fury


I had a great time playing with friends....loved it!!

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Karura Forest

Amazing Adventure Spot!

I had a great time spent in this natural scenery!!

Review Karura Forest

Nairobi National park

Amazing Place!!

What a fabulous time we had in this beautiful natural wild place!!

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Nairobi National Museum

Great Spot!!

A great place where all the amazing stuff is presented relating to our history

Review Nairobi National Museum

Cake Ville Ltd

Amazing Bakers

Love the great quality, mouthwatering cakes!!

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